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Aquaplaning milling system

Internationally patented method and system for preventing aquaplaning by means of road surface treatment in the form of special groove milling.

This system saves lives.


For a safe future on the road

The Aqua-Groover ® together with the process for specific milling and grooving of asphalt, concrete and other road surfaces offers enormous potential in the application in road construction and maintenance for the main purpose of increasing traffic safety on motorways, federal, state and municipal roads as well as in the airport taxiway area.

Aquaplaning reduction

Significant reduction in the risk of aquaplaning and the resulting risk of accidents due to significantly improved water drainage and thus drainage of the treated areas

Environmental relief

Generally less environmental impact due to special milling method and system (lane-specific and not lane-specific) and associated significant reduction of closure times

Quality improvement

High-quality and equivalent applicability for all road surfaces regardless of their type (asphalt, concrete, other materials), age and general condition.

Cost reduction

Can be used on different construction sites at short notice due to the mobility provided by the automated truck body compared to the high transport, installation and adjustment costs of other systems.

What is aquaplaning?

Aquaplaning is when excess water builds up on the road surface and the resulting film of water prevents contact between the vehicle's tyres and the road. This circumstance of so-called "floating up" leads to a reduced steering and braking ability and, in extreme cases, to a total loss of control over the vehicle. Aquaplaning is a frequent cause of accidents and accordingly contributes to an increased road safety risk. Road builders, operators and maintainers around the world are constantly confronted with this problem.


The innovative process system was developed to avoid this problem. Essentially, a new type of groove system, accurate to the millimetre, is milled into the roadway at neuralgic problem areas of roadways - especially in the area of low-drainage zones or at transverse slope transitions - by means of a milling machine mounted on a truck and electronically controllable, which is equipped with a special laser measuring and levelling system. At the same time as the milling process, the resulting milling residues are sucked off into a container that is also mounted on the truck.

Reduction of aquaplaning risk
Reduction of icing risk
Elimination of waterlogging

This special groove system massively improves the drainage of the road surface and thus leads to a significant reduction in both the risk of aquaplaning when it rains and the formation of black ice when it freezes.

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